M.F.A.                     Tulane University, Newcomb School of Art, New Orleans, Louisiana

B.A.                        Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

                              School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois


1987 - Current           Laney College, Oakland, California, Art Instructor

1986                       Chabot College, Hayward, California, Drawing Instructor

1985-1988                University of California, Berkeley, California, Art Instructor, A.S.U.C. Studio

1981-1984                California State University, Chico, California, Assistant Professor 

1980-1981                San Diego State University, San Diego, California, Visiting Assistant Professor

1979 Summer             University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Visiting Instructor  

1979                           Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, Art Instructor, Glass technician


2018                       Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside, California (upcoming)

2017                       Sue Greenwood Fine Art, Laguna Beach, California

                              Lanoue Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts

                              Cumberland Gallery, Nashville, Tennessee

2015                       Sue Greenwood Fine Art, Laguna Beach, California

                              Susan Lanoue Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts

2014                       Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London, England

                              Martha Schneider Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

2013                       Kim Foster Gallery, New York, New York

                              Rarity Gallery, Mykonos, Greece

2011                       Kim Foster Gallery, New York, New York

                              Peninsula Museum of Art, Belmont, California

2010                       Lisa Harris Gallery, Seattle, Washington

                              Sue Greenwood Fine Art, Laguna Beach, California

2009                       Kim Foster Gallery, New York, New York

2008                       Sue Greenwood Fine Art, Laguna Beach, California

                              Kim Foster Gallery, New York, New York

                              Lisa Harris Gallery, Seattle, Washington

2007                       Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz, California

                              Morris Graves Museum of Art, Eureka, California,

2006                       Sue Greenwood Fine Art, Laguna Beach, California

2005                       Lisa Harris Gallery, Seattle, Washington

2004                       LewAllen Contemporary Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

                              Kidder Smith Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts

                              Chautauqua Institution, Chautauqua, New York

2009                       Axiom Gallery, Riders on the Train Project, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

                              de Saisset Museum, Santa Clara University, “New Media”, Santa Clara, California

2008                       Islip Museum of Art, “Text Messaging”, Long Island, New York

2007                       Ft. Collins Museum Of Contemporary Art, Ft. Collins, Colorado

2006                       Kim Foster Gallery, New York, New York

                              University of Wisconsin, “SuperVision”, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

                              LewAllen Contemporary, “Diptych “ exhibition, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2004                       Reversing Vandalism, San Francisco Public Library, San Francisco, California

2005                       Kidder Smith Gallery, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

2003                       Greenwood/Chebithes Gallery (Inaugural exhibition), Laguna Beach, California

                              Center for Photographic Art, juried by Tim Wride and Barbara Sinsheimer, Carmel, California

2002                       Jan Baum Gallery, “Figure It Out”, Los Angeles, California

2001                       Diane Nelson Fine Art, Laguna Beach, California

2000                       Crocker Museum of Art, Crocker-Kingsley 72st Biennial Exhibition, Sacramento, California

                               Triton Museum, Shenson Gallery, “Bittersweet Legacy”, Santa Clara, California

       Lisa Harris Gallery, Seattle, Washington

1999                        Olga Dollar Gallery, San Francisco, California

                              Gwenda Jay/Addington Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

1998                       Crocker Museum of Art, Crocker-Kingsley 71st Biennial Exhibition, Sacramento, California

                              San Francisco Art Commission Galleries, San Francisco, California

                              Stanford University, Center for Integrated Systems, Stanford, California

1997                       Triton Museum, Santa Clara, California

                              The National Jewish Museum, Washington, D.C.

                              Lisa Parker Fine Art, New York, New York

                              Pacific Rim Sculptors Exhibition, San Francisco, California

1996                       University of Judaism, Platt Gallery, Los Angeles, California

                              The National Jewish Museum, Washington, D.C.

                              Joy Horwich Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

1995                      Fletcher Ceramic Challenge, International Exhibition, Auckland, New Zealand

                              Exploring a Movement: Feminist Visions in Clay, Downey Museum, Downey, California

1994                       Dorothy McRae Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia

                              Downey Museum of Art, Ceramics Now 1994, Downey, California

1993                       Jewish Museum, "About Face" Exhibition, San Francisco, California

                              Everson Museum of Art, 29th Ceramic National Exhibition,  Syracuse, New York

1992                       San Angelo Museum of Fine Art, 8th Annual Ceramic Competition, San Angelo, Texas

1991                       ART of CALIFORNIA Magazine, Discovery Award Exhibition, Los Angeles, California

                              Downey Museum of Art, Ceramics Now 1991, Downey, California                                                           

1990                       Oakland Museum, "Oakland's Artists", Oakland, California

                              Judah A. Magnes Museum, Berkeley, California, Personal Landscapes - Universal Visions                                 


2017, March                                           Nashville Arts Magazine, by Karen Parr-Moody

2016, September                                       Ennyman’s Territory, Interview, Art and Life in the City

2015, June                                              Cover and Review, ArtScene, (Southern California), by Daniella Walsh

2014, June                                              NewCity Art by Michael Weinstein

2014, May                                              What Will You Remember by Elin Spring

2013, May                                     and by Janet Alexander

2012, December                             , Newcastle, England

2012, October                                         Cover, Coast Magazine, Southern California

2011, November                              (Global Art Laid Out) by Nicole Bonosccuro

2010, August                                          The Seattle Times, Review by Michael Upchurch

2010, September                                       The Best of World Wide Mixed Media, Volume 1, Kennedy Publishing

2010, August                                          Visual Art Source, Review by Laura Macomber

2009, October                               , Interviewby Lorenzo Dominguez

2009, September                                       Cover, Coast Magazine, Orange County, California

2009, May-June                                       Art Ltd. Magazine, “Under the Radar”, Review by Roberta Carasso

2008, September                                       Orange County Register, Review by Roberta Carasso                                     

2008, April                                             New.York.Art.Crit: John Haber’s Art Reviews, “Rush Hour”, New York

2008, April                                             Chelsea Flaneur,

2007, February                                        North Coast Journal, Eureka, CA,  Review by Katherine Almy

2006, August                                          American Art Collector, National Magazine, Arizona

2006, Summer                                          Cover, Orange County Kids Magazine, Orange County, California

2006, January                                          San Francisco Chronicle newspaper, San Francisco, California

2006, Winter                                           LILITH Magazine, New York

2005, December                                            HOMEOWNER HAIKU, Co-author w/Jerry Ratch

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2005, Fall                                               LILITH Magazine, New York

2005                                                     Cover, CITY ECONOMICS by Brendan O’Flaherty, Harvard University Press

2005, Feb.-March                                                 THE Magazine, Photo Issue, Santa Fe, New Mexico

  •                                                                 Cover, LET’S DO, by Rebecca Meacham, University of North Texas Press

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2001                                                            Bittersweet Legacy by C.Brody                             

2001, Spring                                            Cover, LILITH magazine, New York                     

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2000, Nov.                                             THE magazine, Review by Diane Armitage, Santa Fe, NM                            

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1998                                                      NEW AMERICAN PAINTINGS, Pacific Coast                               

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1998, April                                             Sacramento News & Review                                 

1997, Fall, Spring 1996                            LILITH magazine, New York                                           

1997, October                                         Oakland Tribune 

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1994, Sept., 1993,  1990, April                   Artweek                                                           


2017                       Photography Juror, Alameda County Fair, California

2016                       Triton Museum of Art, Award Winner painting, Santa Clara, California

                              Visual Arts Alliance Award Winner, Houston, Texas

2015                       Crocker Art Museum, Lecture, Sacramento, California

2014                       Top two Finalist, Cherryland Fire Station, Cherryland, California

2012                       Honorable Mention, Triton Museum, Photography show, Santa Clara, California

2007                       Santa Cruz Museum Of Art, Lecture, Santa Cruz, California

                              Ft. Collins Museum of Art, Lecture, Ft. Collins, Colorado

2005                        Short List Finalist, Los Angeles Metro Station Project, Los Angeles, California         

2004                       Short List Finalist, Oakland Airport Project, Oakland, California

2003                       Chosen to be part of “100 Artists of the West Coast” by Douglas Bullis

1998                       Crocker Museum of Art, Crocker-Kingsley Biennial, monetary award, Sacramento, California

1998                       Pacific Rim Sculptors Group, Panel, San Francisco, California

1994                       Silver Award in mixed media, Art Of California Magazine, Napa, California


My work is in over 175 private, museum, and corporate collections

Triton Art Museum                                               Santa Clara, CA

Crocker Museum of Art                                        Sacramento, CA

Rockford Art Museum                                           Rockford, IL

Hyundai Corporation                                            Seoul, Korea

Peninsula Art Museum                                          Belmont, CA                             

Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History                      Santa Cruz, CA                          

City of Richmond, City Hall                                   Richmond, CA

Delta Airlines, JFK                                              New York, NY

Earthcam Inc.                                                      Hoboken, NJ                             

Alameda County Art Commission                            Oakland, CA                             

Merck Pharmaceutical                                            Philadelphia, PA                        

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center                 Seattle, WA                               

Deloitte & Touche                                               Seattle, WA                               

San Francisco City Hall, Asst. City Attorney             San Francisco, CA                      

Copan Corporation                                               Seattle, WA                               

Voyager Capital                                                   Seattle, WA                               

Rhoda Goldman Plaza                                                       San Francisco, CA                      

Corporate Net Leasing at City Commons                   Orlando, FL                              

United Airlines                                                     San Francisco, CA                      

Apple Corporation,                                              Cupertino, CA                           

Adobe Corporation                                               Mountain View, CA                    

Temple Sinai                                                       Oakland, CA                             

Kaiser Hospital                                                    Martinez, CA                             

AT&T                                                               Houston, TX                  

Temple Isaiah                                                      Los Angeles, CA

Pacific Gas & Electric                                           San Ramon, CA

Kaiser Hospital                                                   Mountain View, CA

Harrison Museum of Art                                       Logan, Utah

Boston Medical Center                                         Boston, MA                       

Willow Pass Rec. Center                                       Concord, CA

DPR Construction                                                Redwood City, CA

Life Scan Corporation                                           Milpitas, CA

ESL Corporation                                                  Santa Clara, CA

Cal. State Teachers Retirement Assoc.                      Sacramento, CA

Kemper Tool Company                                         Chino, CA

Bemidji State University                                        Bemidji, MN

Louisiana Craft Council                                        New Orleans, LA

Varian Corporation                                              Palo Alto, CA