Los Angeles based artist Scott Yeskel has been painting his love/hate affair with Southern California since his relocation to the area six years ago. Traffic snarls, boxy apartments and occasional car crashes often act as Yeskel’s muse.

     It is when Scott switches to his abstract work, his love affair with the spirit and color of the West appear. That’s right, Scott paints both abstract and representational landscapes switching back and forth using many of the same colors and themes. Inspired by mid-century masters such as Diebenkorn and Richter yet original in both content and style, Yeskel’s oil paintings are true statements of contemporary California living.

     Yeskel’s frequent visits to Ventura has served as a nice respite to his hectic Hollywood neighborhood. The sea and crisp air have inspired a current mix of colorful visions of the seaside town mixed in, of course, with his iconic L.A. cityscapes.