The paintings of Carole Pierce result from a lifelong fascination with the sky. This, with the elusive quality of air, when charged with light became a part of her life. She concerns herself not with the solidity of the land, but the elusiveness of mist, shadow, and light. They are fleeting moments of a particular quality of sky. The locations are ambivalent and less specific to place than they are to the magic of sky, like the electrically charged energy of the air just before a storm.
Carole Pierce was born in Dallas, Texas. Her father was a pilot in the Air Force and taught flying when Carole was a little girl. She has memories of looking at the sky and watching his plane tip its wing as a way of saying hello. Carole moved to California in 1981 and currently lives in Marin County. She attended the CCAC in Oakland and received her Masters in Printmaking. She has gallery representation in New York, Dallas, San Francisco, southern California, Montana and New Mexico.
    About her, work Pierce says, “My work is defined by the natural world. It is an investigation of the sensations of water, fire, land, and sky, as well as the atmospheric conditions that contribute to the weather, the seasons and the light. These current paintings reflect the four elements: fire, land, air, and earth, with a focus on fire. The element of fire is transformational, and within it lies danger, beauty, and regeneration.”